• #::3-Generics

      A deep dive into the concept of Generics, and a glance at under the hood of C# and Java, to slightly improve the understanding on how these two implements the concept of Generics.
    • Don’t Create Objects That End With -ER? My Two Cents…

      Classes that ends with 'ER' has been the root for criticisms from many Object Paradigm Purists. One such was found at [Don't Create Objects That End With -ER](https://www.yegor256.com/2015/03/09/objects-end-with-er.html). This is an attempt to pen down some thoughts on this idea of ER.
    • #::2-Linked Lists

      A linked list is a data structure that is nothing but a list of elements which are linearly interlinked with the use of references. This post intends to explain the concepts behind linked lists, along with how to implement one, using C#.